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Come Away With Me by Yanera Come Away With Me by Yanera
You perfect, perfect shell.
You nautilus, nautilus.

I will treat you so well,
I'll take you up from this hell.
My gracious host,
You're my lover,
Won't you be my concubine?

The pleasure's all mine,
Your pleasures are all mine.

-"The Crop and the Pest," by The Receiving End of Sirens

Finally! I've had this in my head for a while and really wanted to give him a full piece like all my other charas. Well, except Lux Lucis that is...he'll happen eventually. My inspiration seems to hat that poor guy.

ANYWAY, here is my dark prophet, Iaceo. I'm really happy how this came out, between my shading and the use of perspective, which I have quite a bit of trouble with already. But awesomely, it all happened just how I wanted and this is one of the few pieces I've done where I'm completely happy with it.
So, his description and origin are already up in past deviations of him, so I don't believe it's necessary to write it again.

Now, as with past deviations, the backgrounds are stock textures. The ground is from a texture made by `Princess-of-Shadows and the sky is from an amazing set of painted textures by #resurgere that can be found here: [link]
Yeah yeah, I know I'm pretty much incapable of making my own backgrounds, but that's what these stock textures are for. And if I can use them in a way that betters the piece based on my own judgement, that's completely ok with me.

Alright, I've talked enough. Here you go and enjoy!!

Iaceo (c) meeeee
Kayak-g Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I've never seen this one befre :D i love it
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